Stone Soup Endorses Charles Smith for MC Commission

Dear friends and fellow Manatee Voters,

It is said that 'all politicians are the same', meaning I suppose, selfserving, corrupt. Like most things, you really can't say 'all'. There is almost always an exception.

That exception IS Manatee County Commissioner, Charles Smith.

Many of you have seen the loss of greenspace and park acreage in the City of Bradenton, most recently, Glazier Gates Park. You watched a city government, in bed with a developer, give away a neighborhood park and receive 'ten dollars and other consideration' in return. We have received nothing as we were promised (a new GG park).

Charles Smith spoke to the COB more than once against the project. Smith was the ONLY elected official who came to the city meetings and attempted to save the site of Manatee's first settler homes.

When Stone Soup Community Unity held a memorial service for 300 oak trees (some thirty ancient oaks) razed by the developer, Charles Smith was present to support citizens, again.

We had a rally for Glazier Gates on Main Street and Charles Smith attended and spoke to the crowd about GG.

Guess what folks? We got a guy. Charles Smith. He's our guy and we need to make sure he gets reelected. He works and listens hard to represent you and your concerns. Please share this message with your family, friends, neighbors.

It so happens the COB councilman responsible for Ward 4, Bradenton, is Bemis Smith. The park was in his ward and he is also running for reelection.Please vote him O U T and anybody else running for reelection in the COB.

As far as other candidates are concerned, I am with you.......most are the same. Stone Soup Community Unity will only endorse Charles Smith for reelection, Manatee County, District 2.

He's YOUR guy.

Regards to all,

Barbara Elliott Stone Soup Community Unity PAC 941-447-9929 Call us to have your ballot picked up or for a ride to the polls.